About Us

About Us ?

Al-Wefaq International Development Journal is a refereed electronic research journal affiliated to the Al-Wefaq Center for International Development. It is published twice a year & nbsp; It is concerned with publishing refereed research in the field of human sciences after selecting and judging them and presenting them to the reader, sweet, creamy and discreet, after the research passes through several stages until it reaches the hands of skilled masters. Those who do not read it until after careful scrutiny and examination. It aims to & nbsp; provide rapid arbitration and publishing services to researchers from various countries of the world in various fields of human, social and historical sciences..

In this way, it works to raise the research and cultural balance of the nation and enrich the balance of the Human Sciences Library in the Islamic reality with the innovations of researchers and their support from various countries and human disciplines by publishing their original scientific research so that the reader in any place can read the latest published research in this field without any financial or time cost.


Objectives of the Journal of Development Accord:

This journal aims to:

  1. To raise the level of scientific research and to spread the innovations of researchers easily and conveniently.
  2. Contributing to promoting the publication of original scientific research in a rapid manner after careful arbitration procedures after being judged by specialized committees of Arab arbitrators and others with experience in the field to be published.
  3. Covering the need of researchers in disseminating research from various educational, scientific, literary and legal disciplines and many others locally, regionally and internationally .