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    Teacher education In Islam perspective  Conceptual analysis for the promotion of the profession of teachers and teachers In Islamic education in Indonesia   Prepare researcher  A. Dr. witnesses (Instructor at the University of Indonesia for Education)   Summary 1977 United Nations resolution on education in the waveه There are two aspects: education for work and education for life. The first formulas for the competence and assimilation of theories and skills to accustom themselves in coordinating and organizing resources, while the second formulas for the education of morals, values ​​and art for the sake of the happiness of life. However, the role of teachers and teachers has shifted as some of their work is carried out by technological productions. And in the Special Law for Indonesian Teachers and Teachers No. 14 of 2005, in the first and second semesters, it is stated that both the teacher and the teacher are of the type of profession, which is the work and activities carried out by someone in terms of needing special skills and competence, as well as special vocational education in order to deserve the reward for it. This requires the teacher and the teacher at a special academic level in order to enable them to upgrade the human level process, as this is contained in the three education visions,... Read More
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